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Wireless Calling System

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Wireless Calling System

Wireless Calling System improve long distance communication between staff and customers, which allows customers to receive service when they need it, making them feel free and comfortable.It can avoid unnecessary approaches or disturbing guests.

Our system is easy to use and install. Whenever the customer pushes the call button, the message can arrive via a choice of wireless desktop, screen, wrist receiver or more. The notification can tell not only who is in need of assistance, but also where to find them.

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Business Benefits:

  • Unparalleled customer service boosts business profits
  • Instant communication between the guests and staff
  • Fast service speed inreases customer satisfaction

System Composition

Call Buttons:

The function of waterproof buttons refers to order, payment, cancel and other calling services.

Wireless Receivers:

It can be installed on the service center, hung on the wall, or worn on the wrist or other places.

Repeater and Call Button Base:

It includes signal repeater and base for call buttons.