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1Q: What are the components of wireless calling system?
1. Wireless Receiver: LED display,Wrist receiver,Light receiver
2. Call Button, on table / wall / anywhere
3. Signal Repeater to enhance RF transmission ( optional )
4. Keypad/Keyboard for kitchen calling ( optional )
2Q: How does Wireless calling system work?
1. When customer needs any service/order, they just need to press the call button to call the waiter/staff.
2. Once the call button is pressed, the called number will be displayed on the receiver with ring tones and the customer will be served promptly.
3Q: How to cancel callings?
Three solutions:
1. Press the “cancel” key on the call buttons.
2. Automatic cancel after setting display time.
3. Use remote control to cancel.
4Q: What kind of battery for call button? How long is the life of battery?
The battery is 12V23A (Average lifespan 1 to 1.5 years)
5Q: How long is the delivery time for sample order and OEM order?
1. Delivery time for sample order: within 3 days after the receipt of payment.
2. Delivery time for bulk order: within 15 days after the receipt of payment.
6Q: What is the type of frequency?
Wireless Technology using 433 MHz frequency.
7Q: What are the benefits of Wireless Calling System?
1. Reduce Staff Cost
2. Quicker Service
3. Easy operation
4. Better Management
5. Increase Revenue