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Guest Paging System

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Guest Paging System

Guest Paging System creates a more streamlined pick-up order process. No longer will customers need to wait near the pick-up counter or listen to a noisy overhead system for their order number. With lightweight & digital coaster pager, customers are free to find a seat or stay at the play area while they wait for their order.

The classical appearance of the round shape allows customers to have the most comfortable grip. The stackable coaster charger can fully charge up to 10 pagers in 2 hours. It is easy to install and operate and available to customize logo labels for your brand.

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Business Benefits:

  • Manage the guest experience with ease
  • Reduce noise and congestion at order counter
  • Effective control of many guests at the same time

System Composition

CT-P520 System:

CT-P520 System composition: Wireless keypad CT-K501 , Coast pager CT-P520 , Pager charger CT-P520C1/C2 , Wireless display CT-D502

CT-P531 System:

CT-P531 System composition: Wireless keypad CT-K501, Coast pager CT-P531 , Pager charger CT-P531C , Wireless display CT-D502

CT-P540 System:

CT-P540 System composition: 2 in 1 Wireless keypad/Charger CT-P540C & 18pcs guest pager CT-P540