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Our careers are constantly evolving, which is about creating a new convenient life. Here are some our clients' projects that are connected with in real applications.

  • Aidbell call button 280x280
  • Nurse call button EC 220PH 280x280
  • Bedside call button 280x280
  • EC 220PH Nurse call 280x280
  • Wireless receiver 280x280
  • Nurse call button 280x280
  • EC 220PT push cord 280x280
  • receiver 280x280
  • 2 280x280
  • 5 280x280
  • 7 280x280
  • 3 280x280
  • EC 220PT Toilet call button 280x280
  • EC 220PT Emergency call button in WC 280x280
  • EC 220PH Bed nurse call button 280x280
  • EC 400L wireless corridor light 280x280